Pumpkin Bundt with Walnut Streusel and Salted Caramel Drizzle

When did it get to be fall?

One minute school is starting back up, and the next the leaves are changing and I am going apple picking and wearing sweaters (and writing about a gazillion essays, but whatever).

This fall, I have been seriously craving pumpkin. Pumpkin cake, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin whoopie pies, pumpkin custards. I have never eaten so much pumpkin in such a small window of time before.


This bundt cake is the quintessential autumn cake. It is cozy and gooey and pumpkin-y. The cake itself is moist, with a tight crumb that still manages not to be dense. A gooey, sweet, walnut-studded streusel ripples through the center of the bundt. I poured a healthy amount of salted caramel sauce on top. It makes the cake beautiful and shiny, and soaks into the cake to impart a deep, caramel flavor.  I made this cake on a Sunday when my friend came over for dinner. We hung out after dinner and drank tea, ate cake, and did our homework. There was something very still and warm about the moment. I like how foods can foster these feelings of family and home.

To make this cake, I used this recipe. I added some walnuts to the streusel for added flavor and texture. To make your own pumpkin pie spice (since buying it is stupid, tbh), I used the ratios suggested here. I nixed the mace, though, and added a little bit more ginger for kick. Instead of the salted caramel used in this recipe, I used this recipe. I was having trouble with the original salted caramel sauce, since the sugar kept crystallizing, so instead I went for a more streamlined version. Easy! This cake is best served with extra salted caramel warmed up and poured on top. Brew some tea, cozy up with a friend, and enjoy!


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