Funfetti Marshmallows

I’m 20!

I’ve actually been 20 for a few weeks now. This post was supposed to go up weeks ago, in which case sprinkles and a birthday recap would feel a lot more relevant. Buuuut then I had technical difficulties, and here we are now. Oops.


July feels like one long birthday to me. The month starts off with my birthday, and ends with my little brothers’ (and my dog’s!). It’s bittersweet-– as much as I love other peoples’ birthdays, I kind of dread my own. I’ve been planning exactly what I’m going to bake for my brothers’ birthday for weeks now (giant cinnamon roll cake for breakfast, anyone?) but I always stress out over my own day. But I’m happy to report that this year, I had a pretty awesome birthday weekend!

For my birthday, a few of my best friends visited me at my beach house. We ate grilled pizza and lobster rolls and ice cream cake. We roasted marshmallows on the beach. We swam in the pool and soaked up the sun and did a lot of nothing for the most part, which sounds just about right.


These marshmallows are inspired by the soft magic of summer birthdays– of warm, late summer nights and long sunny days. They are simple and rainbow sprinkle covered and perfect for bonfires and late night snacking with friends.


To make these, I followed this marshmallow recipe. I used an 8×8 pan and halved the recipe. I also used 2 tsp vanilla extract, to make them extra vanilla-y. To funfetti the marshmallows, I added about 1/4 cup of rainbow sprinkles to the marshmallow batter in the last minute of whipping, when I added the vanilla. After I poured the marshmallow fluff into the prepared pan, I covered the top of the marshmallows with more rainbow sprinkles. If you want these to taste more like a boxed funfetti cake, you could use imitation (clear) vanilla extract. If you want to get fancy, you could add some vanilla bean. If you’re worried about the texture of the sprinkles in the marshmallow, only the ones on the top have a detectable bite. Once toasted, however, they all melt into one gooey, delicious, multicolored, marshmallow-y mess.


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