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August 2013

    Blueberry Muffins



    Er, well it’s not morning anymore. But pretend it is. And pretend that you’re just waking up, stretching your legs and getting out of bed when it hits you: the smell of sweet, gooey blueberry muffins wafting from the oven. Your stomach growls. You come downstairs, still bleary-eyed and sleepy to find a hot cup of coffee and a still-warm muffin with a melty pat of butter on top waiting for you to devour.

    This would never happen in real life. Just pretend.

    It’s okay though, because this didn’t happen in my life either. Because, come on, if you think that I’m waking up early enough to bake you muffins, you’re crazy. Out of your mind. Completely bonkers.


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